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Founded in 2004, South Adventures is a company that is specialized on today's most amazing water sports in the world, Surfing, SUP - Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kiteboarding. Our offer is intended for all sorts of sports people, from absolute beginners to more experienced riders who want to explore and learn these unique sports. 
Our home base, Costa da Caparica, just a few minutes away from the charming city of Lisbon, offers fantastic conditions with plenty of spots for all needs throughout the year and incredible scenery. 
According to the conditions and regarding the safety of our clients, the lessons can also be given on the following beaches; Guincho, Tamariz, Poça, Parede, Carcavelos, Costa da Caparica - our Base spot, and Lagoa de Albufeira.
Furthermore, South Adventures is able to organize tours or trips to explore Lisbon area, and if you wish, Portugal's coast searching for the best spots for your favorite sport!
You and the quality of your vacations are our main concerns, therefore we are able to offer tailor made packages that suit your budget, schedule and wish.
We are Naish Kiteboarding & Stand Up Paddle dealers, meaning that the school is always fully and super quality equipped for all the needs. 
Our instructors are extremely experienced on all sports, with several decades spend in the water, teaching or just having fun for themselves, making our huge reputation of outstanding quality standards, commitment and adrenaline set on each day do the talking. 
South Adventures is also able to supply the storage of equipment and with prior arrangement, female instructors would be available. 
Transportation to the chosen practice spot, as well as to and from the airport can be also provided.
Alvará 101/13 (Portuguese Tourism License)
School Insurance - Nº 85.021205 Mútua dos Pescadores
Selo de Qualidade
Turismo de Portugal
Mutua dos Pescadores Seguros


Pai e Filha
Ricardo was born in 1973 in Lisbon. Since he remembers to exist up to 12 years old, he considered himself an Ericeira local, where his parents still own a house. With this childhood, the passion for the sea and especially for the waves was born, starting to surf very early. Practiced tennis professionally from 6 to 14 years old, leaving it in the meantime for his great love, the waves!
Graduated in Product Design at the Technical University of Lisbon. During his graduation, starts working with his father, a famous Portuguese Architect, and together open a design firm. After nearly 10 years, decides that his future would be definitely by the sea and moved to the Algarve where he founded South Adventures in 2004.
At the end of the 2012 season, he moved back to his beloved city of Lisbon, bringing South Adventures, project that keeps and takes care with all his energy, professionalism and commitment.
Since then, works very hard to keep what is one of the biggest national and international references in teaching kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding and surfing.
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